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  •  Masood’s Biogen 21  (Oracure ) is supportive Homeopathic treatment in teething troubles and other symptoms appearing during dentition in infants.
  • Biogen 21  Makes the development of teeth easy and quick.
  • Improves the appetite and aid digestion in the babies.
  •  Biogen 21 is Suited to the irritable and peevish child.
  • Dr Masood Homoepathic Biogen 21 also covers colicky pain and abdominal flatulence.
  •  Buy online DRAP approved & Halal Certified, Dr Masood Homoeopathic Pharma’s Biogen 22 (Oracure) now.
  • Cash on delivery available all over Pakistan.
  • For orders via Whatsapp: 0309 8880088 or Call Masood’s Helpline at 0304 111 3647 
Dosage Directions for use

As directed by a registered Homoeopathic doctor.

Infants up to 5 to 6 months: 1 Tablet after every 4 hours.

Infants above 6 months: 2 Tablets after every 4 hours.

WARNING: Take tablets 30 minutes before or after meals. This medicine contains lactose and corn starch. Store in a cool & dry place.
Keep out of reach of children.


Masood Pharmaceutical

Masoood Pharmaceutical  The institution with the nomenclature of Homoeopathic Stores & Hospital, Lahore was established more than ninety years ago by Dr. Muhammad Masood Qureshi, one of the leading Homoeopaths and pioneers of Homoeopathic System of Medicine in South Asian sub-continent.
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