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What is Dysmenorrhea?

Dysmenorrhea is the medical term for menstrual cramps, which are caused by uterine contractions. Primary dysmenorrhea refers to common menstrual cramps, while secondary dysmenorrhea results from a disorder in the reproductive organs.

Common sign & symptoms are:

  • Cramps in the lower abdomen
  • Pain in the lower back
  • Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea
  • Weakness
  • Fainting
  • Headaches


Masood’s MPW tablets are composition of homeopathic medicines & biochemic salts that are especially formulated by trituration process for the overall health and improvement in symptomatic state.

DYSMEN is indicated for dull pain across the back of abdomen and legs during menstruation. These tablets help to manage the menstrual disorders and other consequent complaints. Also regulates estrogen levels which helps to heal the inflamed endometrium during menstruation.

Dosage Directions for use:
  • 2 tablets after every 30 minutes with hot water.
  • Take tablets 30 minutes before or after meals.
  • Or as directed by registered Homeopathic physician.

Presentation: 20g & 500g tablets.

Side effects:

No side effects of DYSMEN are known.


No contraindication for the use of DYSMEN are known till date.


No interactions between DYSMEN and other products are known.

Note: Use within 5 years of manufacturing.    


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Masoood Pharmaceutical  The institution with the nomenclature of Homoeopathic Stores & Hospital, Lahore was established more than ninety years ago by Dr. Muhammad Masood Qureshi, one of the leading Homoeopaths and pioneers of Homoeopathic System of Medicine in South Asian sub-continent.
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