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What is child vitality?

The early years of a child’s life are very important for the health and development. Healthy development means that they are able to grow up normally. A growth delay occurs when a child isn’t developing at the normal rate with age.

Malnutrition is probably the most common cause of growth failure and primary symptom may indicate the vitality of a child.

Symptoms of low vitality are:

  • Slow development of physical skills.
  • Delayed milestones.
  • Digestive complains.
  • Disturbed sleep.

About HI- HEM:

Masood’s MPW tablets are composition of homeopathic medicines & biochemic salts that are especially formulated by trituration process for the overall health and improvement in symptomatic state.

KIDOFIT tablets increases assimilation power of the body, facilitates easy dentition and assists in healthy growth. Helps to overcome mental and physical sluggishness, improves defense mechanism & promotes building up tissues. Also stimulates feeble digestion.

Dosage Directions for use:


  • 1 tablet 3 times a day with fresh water.
  • Take tablets 30 minutes before or after meals.
  • Or as directed by registered Homeopathic physician.

Presentation: 20g & 500g tablets.

Side effects:

No side effects of KIDOFIT are known.


No contraindication for the use of KIDOFIT are known till date.


No interactions between KIDOFIT and other products are known.

Note: Use within 5 years of manufacturing.   


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