KS 15 SYMPHYTUM Cream (Bone set Remedy)

KS 15 SYMPHYTUM Cream (Bone set Remedy)


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Indications / Symtoms : Name says it all bone setter so it is preferred for injuries and bone fractures, eye injuries, gunshot wounds, sprains, pricking pain and varicose veins.
Dosage : Directions for use: Apply locally. Rub well and gently to the effected part. Discontinue if skin irritation results. For external use only.


Kamal Laboratories

Kamal Laboratories Manufacturers & Exporters of Homoeopathic & Bio- chemic Medicines Since 1967 in Pakistan. Kamal Laboratories is altogether operational Homoeopathic Pharmaceuticals, producing high quality Homoeopathic medicines over a span of almost 5 decads to ensure public health care, safety and effectiveness.


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