Dr.Reckeweg Allium Cepa 30 (11ml)

Dr.Reckeweg Allium Cepa 30 (11ml)


Dr.Reckeweg Allium Cepa 30 (11ml)


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Allium Cepa

Allium Cepa is a chief remedy for common cold, influenza, coryza and cough. The discharge from the nose is profuse and watery but acrid. The nasal discharge excoriates the parts it touches. The nasal discharge drops from the tip of the nose. Allium Cepa also helps in spring coryza which is caused due to exposure to north western wind. The nasal discharges burn and corrodes the nose and the upper lip.  Allium cepa also helps in eye secretions like watery discharge from eyes but these discharges are bland and don’t itch your eyes.

Allium Cepa also helps in cough which compels the patient to grasp the larynx also helps in singer’s cough. The cough sees to tear the larynx. Allium Cepa also helps in sinusitis. Headache, nose and eyes secretions is worse in the evening and in warm room and is relieved in open air. Allium Cepa is also indicated in hay fever with watering of the eyes with burning and smarting as from smoke. Allium Cepa also helps in traumatic chronic neuralgic pains after amputations with burning and stinging pain. The pain is like a long thread on face, hand, neck or chest.

Specially adapted to phlegmatic (relax and peaceful) patients; colds in damp cold weather. Neuralgic pains, like a fine thread, following amputations or injuries to nerves. Traumatic chronic neuritis. Burning in nose, mouth, throat, bladder and skin. Sensation of glowing heat on different parts of the body.


  •          Sleepiness, lethargic with indifference to relatives.
  •          Mistakes in writing.
  •          Foolish behaviour. Walks on his toes or lateral side of feet.
  •          Depression.


  •          Amel. Open air.
  •          Agg. Warm room, evening.
  •          Ailments go from left to right side.
  •          Neuralgic, tearing pains, like a thread; After amputation.
  •          Ailments after operations, injuries.

Food and drinks

  •          Desire: Oninons.
  •          Aversion: cucumber.
  •          Amel. Onions, agg. cucumber.


  •          Pain mostly forehead extending to temples or nose.
  •          Agg. Warm room, evening, closing eyes.
  •          Amel. Open air, during menses.


  •          Lachrymation (watery eyes) in warm room.
  •          Sensation of smoke.


  •          Coryza and hay fever, watery burning discharge from nose and bland discharge from eyes.
  •          Discharge irritates upper lip. Violent sneezing.
  •          Agg. warm room, evening; amel. open air.
  •          Starts left, ext. to right. Spreading to ears, throat, larynx, bronchi.
  •          Polyps.


  •          Neuralgia amel. cold air.
  •          Paralysis, agg. left side; with profuse urine.

Larynx and trachea

  •          Pain larynx on coughing, must grasp larynx.
  •          Whooping cough.
  •          Hoarseness.


  •          Allergic asthma.


  •          Agg. Cold air, going from warm room to cold air or vice versa, getting into bed at night.


  •          Pain right scapula, agg. lying.


  •          Ulcers feet, esp. heel.
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Dr. Reckeweg

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