Dr.Reckeweg Acid Fluoricum 30 (11ml)

Dr.Reckeweg Acid Fluoricum 30 (11ml)


Dr.Reckeweg Acid Fluoricum 30 (11ml)


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Information about Dr. Reckeweg Acid Benz Dilution 30

This remedy is prepared from chemical i.e. Benzoic Acid. It is used for gout, kidney failure, asthma and joint pains.


Depression, thinking about sad events. Omits words in writing.
Head Giddiness, headache, Vertigo inclination to fall sideways.
Eyes swelling around eyes.
Mouth Bitter taste with ulcers.
Abdomen Heaviness.
Gas bloating
Stool frothy like lather from soap, watery and light colored.
Sweat while eating.


Increased urine frequency especially in old men.
Bad odour of urine.
Burning while passing urine.


Pain in foot, great toe, wrist, knee.
Gout with swollen joints due to uric acid deposits.
Ganglion of wrist.
Bunions of great toe of foot.

Dose- As prescribed by physician. Can be taken with Allopathic medicines.


maintain half an hour gap between food/drink/any other medicines and homeopathic medicine.

Side Effects- None reported.
Use under medical supervision.

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Dr. Reckeweg

Welcome to Dr. Reckeweg!

The family business Dr. Reckeweg is committed to producing effective and well-tolerated homoeopathic medicinal products in a responsible way – and has been ever since its birth 75 years ago. Although Dr. Reckeweg preparations are sold in more than 40 countries worldwide, each one is made in Bensheim, a small town in Germany’s Hessische Bergstraße region.


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