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Masood’s Androtone syrup is for male strength, stamina and vitality.

  • An excellent tonic for the treatment of male sexual disorders.
  • Indicated in loss of sex drive and erectile dysfunction.
  • Helpful for those who want to build their muscles.
  • Also increases testosterone levels in the blood steam.
Dosage Directions for use:
2 table spoonfuls twice daily in half cup of water.

No contraindications. Diabetics and persons suffering from heart ailments to avoid.

Each 5ml contain:
Homoeopathic Dilutions of Tribulus terr 1x 8% v/v, Avena Sativa 1x 8% v/v, Sterculia Acum 1x 3% v/v, Nuphar lut 1x 3% v/v, Sabal Serr 1x 3% v/v, Agnus Cast 1x 0.2% v/v, Rauwolfia Serp 2x 0.5% v/v, Lycopodium Clav 1x 1% v/v, Gentiana Lut 1x 1% v/v, Yohimbinum 1x 1% v/v, Lecithin 3D 0.15% v/v, Natrum Phos 3D 0.0045% w/v, Kali Phos 3D 0.0045% w/v, Calcarea Phos 3D 0.0045% w/v, Natrum Mur 3D 0.0045% w/v, Strychninum Sulph 8D 0.0015% v/v with preservatives q.s.

Proven indications of single ingredients:
TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS: An old proven Asian remedy for urinary affections and debilitated states of the sexual organs, seminal weakness, ready emissions and impoverished semen. Increases testosterone levels in the blood stream.

AVENA SATIVA: An excellent answer to the nervous exhaustion, sexual debility and impotency especially after too much indulgence. It works by freeing bound testosterone, which increases the free testosterone in circulation.

STERCULIA ACUMINATA: Improves circulation to the specific organ and is an excellent tonic. Gives power to endure prolonged physical exertion.

NUPHAR LUT: Causes erection and an increase in sexual desire in those suffering from impotency.

SABAL SERRULATA: Well proven remedy for those suffering from loss of sexual power and sexual debility due to prostate problems.

AGNUS CASTUS: Proves helpful in those having impotency (loss of erections), parts cold and no sexual desire.

RAUWOLFIA SERPENTINA: Causes vasodilation leading to pouring of blood in sexual organs.

LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM: Indicated in impotence and premature ejaculation.

GENTIANA LUT: Acts as a tonic, causing increase in appetite.

YOHIMBINUM: Indicated in Neurasthenia and impotence, an ideal aphrodisiac.

LECITHINUM: Is important in vital processes of human body. Lecithinum causes increase in red blood cells. Causes favourable influence upon nutritive conditions and is helpful in mental exhaustion and impotency.

NATRUM PHOS: Indicated in weakness and increased desire without erection.

KALI PHOS: One of the greatest nerve remedies especially indicated in young people suffering from mental and physical depression resulting in diminished sexual power.

CALCAREA PHOS: One of the most important tissue remedy, gives strength to the skeleton (bones) and cures anaemia due to acute and chronic wasting diseases.

STRYCHNINUM SULPH: Used to reduce the inflammation of testicles.

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