Psoriasis & Homeopathic Treatment

Psoriasis & Homeopathic Treatment


Definition :

A non-contagious cutaneous, affection, characterized by well, farmed dry and whitish scales,without vesiculation or pustulation, accompanied by cracking of the skin, and having a disposition to recure.

Note :

The journal health is not appreciably affected, their being few, if any symptoms Beyond slight itching, which is worse at the commencement.


There are few varieties of psoriasis named as
01: Psoriasis vulgaris
02: Psoriasis guttata
03: Psoriasis diflusa
04: Psoriasis gyrata
05 : Psoriasis inveterate
None of these are real varieties, only descriptive names.


Psoriasis occurs In persons, apparently in good health but who are probably suffering from some form of defective nutrition as to rapid growth, bad living, over study, anxiety, prolong lactation, etc, especially where a disposition, often hereditary, exist. The frequent use of stale dried fish, and the water of fresh and the want of fresh unboiled vegetables, are probably frequent causes. There is some evidence that Constitution more susceptible to Tubercle are more liable to Psoriasis.

Treatment :

Obstinate cases scaly patches with deep fissures

Arsenic Album:

Chronic and inveterate cases. Arsenic is an excellent remedy and may be given for two or three month in gradually increasing doses. Veterinarians give this drug freely to horses, and it causes great Improvement in their coats. It is very important to treat the case constitutionally as well as locally. Merely to get rid of the external appearance is not necessary to cure the disease of which the eruption is a symptoms.

Nutrition diet including frequent small quantities of unboiled vegetables; for growing persons, cod-liver oil except when the stale fish is the cause. Any defect in the function of digestion and assimilation should, if possible be corrected. Patient, who have been overtaxed in mind or body should have rest and change. Warm bath, with the use of pure soap, at bedtime, softens the scales, and promotes the healthy function of the skin. Free out-of-door exercise is also most useful, and favors the healthy action of the lungs, liver, and the whole of the digestive organs.

Many Other Remedies, like Merc sol, sulph, Lyc, Nux, Kali hydroid, iodine etc are plays a great role in the treatment of Psoriasis.


Dr Bilal Manzoor
BHMS Peshawar university

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