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Indications / Symtoms :
Useful combination for scabies, Itching, pruritis, Ring worms, Psoriasis,alos for internal itching of lechorrhoea.

Composition :
Nux vom 3x
Sulphur 3x
Sepia 3x
Thuja 3x

Description :
Your skin is the largest organ of your body. Its function is to guard your body from contamination. Occasionally the skin itself converted to infection. Skin infections are produced by a wide variety of germs, and indications can vary from mild to severe. Mild infections may be curable with over-the-counter medications, whereas other infections may require special medical attention.
There are many reasons of skin disorders the main categories are as under:
Bacterial skin infections (most of time it starts with small bumps and slowly increase with time. Mainly it includes swollen red areas, boils, blisters, leprosy and other bacterial infections.
Viral skin infections (it is caused by virus and its major complications are shingles, chickenpox, warts, measles, hand – foot disease.
Fungal skin infections (it is caused by fungus and in the damp area of body like armpit and feet etc. its major complications are nail rash, diaper rash, ring worm etc.
Parasitic skin infections (they are caused by parasites and its major issues come like lice, scabies and bedbugs etc.
Kamal Laboratories have prepared the solution for such complaints in both formations like orally and topical. Ruk capsules helps to recover from such skin disorders.

Dosage :
One capsule thrice daily or as directed by physician.

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