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This homeopathic remedy is prepared from the seeds of the Artemisia Maritima plant. It is indicated for the following condition-


It is best suited to children.
Irritable and cranky child.
Does not want to be touched or carried.
Demands a lot of things but refuses when offered.
Complaints of children during dentition.
Fits in children- spasmodic twitching and jerking of fingers of right hand. Jerking of feet. Trembling of arms and legs. Convulsions at night.

Eyes- dark ring around eyes

Teeth grinding with irritability

Rubs, picks and bores at the nose constantly

De -Worming remedy.

Stools like popcorn and itchy anus.

Dose- As prescribed by physician. Can be taken along with allopathic medicines.

Nux Vomica Dilution 30C 11 ML

One of the first remedies for all types of chronic illnesses, Nux Vomica is prepared from the Poison-nut.
Main Indications
A very important remedy for all sorts of lifestyle diseases and habits. Suited to nervous, perfectionist

Good for those who take a lot of mental stress, work prolonged hours in the office, overstudying students, business workers.
Excellent remedy for tobacco deaddiction and other stimulants.Mind

Extremely irritable and sensitive to all types of noise, smells and light
Keeps on complaining and finding fault in others
Cannot bear noises, odors, light
Time passes too slowly. Even the least ailment affects her greatly


Vertigo with temporary blackouts.
Headaches when going out in the sun.
Headache starts because of extensive coughing.
Frontal headache, with desire to press the head against something
Congestive headache, associated with h?morrhoids


Stuffy colds, snuffles, after exposure to dry, cold atmosphere; worse, in warm room.
Odors tend to produce fainting.
Coryza: fluent in daytime; stuffed up at night and outdoors; or alternates between nostrils
Good remedy for colds and blocked noses that worsen at night


Works well for nausea and vomiting, eating a very spicy and pungent diet, acidity.
Sour taste, and nausea in the morning, after eating.
Weight and pain in stomach; worse, eating, some time after.
Region of stomach very sensitive to pressure
Dyspepsia from drinking strong coffee. Difficult belching of gas. Wants to vomit, but cannot.


Pain when trying to pass stools , piles, constipation, unsatisfactory stools.
Frequent ineffectual desire, or passing but small quantities at each attempt.
Alternate constipation and diarrh?a-after abuse of purgatives
Dysentery; stools relieve pains for a time. Constant uneasiness in rectum


Good for females whose periods are always irregular, black and painful.


Can help to improve sleep , suited to those taking short naps.
Cannot sleep after 3 am until towards morning; awakes feeling wretchedly.
Drowsy after meals, and in early evening
Better after a short sleep, unless aroused

Dose- As prescribed by physician. Can be taken along with other allopathic medicines.

Side effects: None

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