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A CHELIDONIUM MAJUS has a prominent liver remedy, covering many of the direct reflex symptoms of diseased conditions of that organ. Helps in jaundice where there is constant pain under the lower and inner angle of right scapula. Yellow grey color of whole skin. Liver is sluggish with great fermentation and accumulation of gas in the abdomen. The jaundiced skin, and especially the constant pain under inferior angle of right scapula are certain indications of CHELIDONIUM MAJUS. Chelidoneum Majus has marked action in treating indigestion. There is bitter taste in mouth with nausea and vomiting. Tongue is coated thickly yellow with red edges showing imprint of teeth. Pain in stomach to the back and right shoulder blade. Pain relieved temporarily by eating.

Constipation with hard stools, round like a ball or like sheep’s dung. Constipation alternates with diarrhea. It also . Paralytic drawing and lameness in single parts are also seen in patients. The great general lethargy and indisposition to make any effort is also marked of CHELIDONIUM MAJUS. Ailments are brought on or renewed by change of weather. CHELIDONIUM MAJUS is an indicated drug in serous effusions, hydrocele, bilious complication during gestation.

Chelidoneum Majus is also useful in gall stone colic with sharp, lancinating pain in gall bladder region with nausea and bilious vomiting. The pain is more from touch and motion and better by pressure. Chelidoneum Majus is also indicated in pneumonia when associated with liver affections. Lower lobe of right lung is usually affected. Dyspnoea, with quick and sharp inspiration and there is pain in the right side of chest and shoulder on inspiration. Spasmodic cough with small lumps of mucus flying from mouth when coughing.


– Dictatorial, dominant.

– Practical, no-nonsense.

– Anxiety for others.

– Delusion with fear that he has ruined his health.


– Worse on RIGHT SIDE.

– Chilly, worse by COLD, WET WEATHER. Change of weather, 4 A.M. , 2 or 4 p.m.

– Better by eating.

Food and drinks 

– Desire: DAIRY PRODUCTS, cheese, warm drinks/food.

– Aversion: Cheese, spinach.

-Better by: Warm drinks, food, warm milk.



– Pain over right eye.

– Pressing as from a band above eyes, ameliorated by closing eyes.


– Orbital neuralgia, aggravated right side.

– Yellow discoloration.


– Flapping of wings.


– Neuralgia right side, ext. into teeth, eye; with liver problem.

– Yellow.


– Tongue yellow, with imprint of teeth.

– Bitter taste.


– Stomach pain better by warm drinks, esp. milk;

-Temporary amelioration (relief) is by eating.

– Nausea and vomiting BETTER BY warm drinks.

– Stitching pain ext. to back.

– Cramping pain better on lying on left side with legs drawn up.


– LIVER AND GALL BLADDER complaints, gall-colic, acute hepatitis, jaundice.


– Pain abdomen better by eating, stool, warm drinks, lying on left side legs drawn up.

– Pain extending transversely.


– Constipation alternating with diarrhea.


– Yellow.

Female genitalia 

– Burning in vagina, each day precisely same hour.


– Dyspnoea (breathlessness).

– Quick and short inspirations.

– Rattling.


– As from dust.

– Expectoration present.

– Much rattling, little expectoration.

– Mucus flies from mouth on coughing.


– Right lung affected.

– Stitching pain aggravated on inspiration, motion, coughing.

– Inter costal neuralgia, aggravated on right side.


– PAIN INFERIOR ANGLE OF RIGHT SCAPULA, right shoulder (Ferr-m, Sang C).

– Pain as if back would break, on stooping.


– COLDNESS ONE HAND OR FOOT, Coldness of fingertips.


– Rheumatism aggravated on lower limbs, esp. right ankle.


– Position: On LEFT SIDE.

– Unrefreshing.

– Dreams of funerals, corpses.


– Burning heat spreading from hands over whole body.



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